Timber Windows

tilt turn windowsOur tilt and turn casement option has been developed & tested to meet ‘Passiv Haus Standard’. If you are requiring optimum performance this is the solution you require.

This window combines perfect performance parameters and a very low heat transfer coefficient. The overall heat transfer coefficient value for the test window achieved Uw = 0,8 W/m2K, which means that the window can be used for high performance eco house construction.

The design also provides increased acoustic performance which insulates 34-db as standard with an option to sound insulate up to 42-db with enhanced glazing options.

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High performance German WINKHAUS Tilt & turn hinges fitted to allow for maximum performance and durability.

The tilt position allows the window to hinge from the bottom and partially open for ventilation and the turn allows the window to fully open from the side.

Locking handles are fitted as standard in a range of finishes. A concealed ventilation system can be incorporated for compliance with Part L.

Our high performance paints and stains will maximise the life of your windows allowing maximum duration between maintenance.

Unlike re-painting in the past the re-application of finish does not require laborious scraping and sanding. Modern micro-porous paint systems allow the timber to breathe preserving the integrity of the wood. When the time comes a light sanding over the window will provide a key to reapply the top coat.

Angled Head - Angled windows ideal for screens and atriums for modern architectural designs.

Arched Head - A gothic arched effect common on older buildings and barns

Concealed Restrictor - Ironmongery fitted to the sash and frame which enables constraint on the opening of the window.

Curved Head - A curved or rounded effect on windows, bullseye and oval windows are variant of the same theme.

Dummy Sashes - A non-opening light where sightlines look as though a sash is fitted in the frame.

Flying mullion option - Used on 2 light narrow windows where fire escape is required. The mullion is fitted to the sash allowing maximum clearance.

Large Sashes / Screens - Significantly larger sashes can be designed than for casements. Gives a clean look which maximises glass area.

Night Vents - A device with a secondary keep position for locking cams. Allows windows to be ajar whilst still locked.

Sliding Sash Look-a-like - A planted on section on side hung windows that gives a sliding sash horn effect.


Contemporary Handles - available in Chrome – Brown – Gold – Black - White


Timber Windows

Butler & Bowler windows maintain the aesthetic of a traditional window manufacture with the benefits of innovative design and incorporating modern technology. Maintenance is a breeze.

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Butler & Bowler uses the latest door manufacturing technology that allows our products design versatility and optimum performance.


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